RaceCarShare is Formula Ford Experience Australia’s timeshare and fractional-ownership Membership Club program – designed to provide a convenient and cost effective way for motorsport fans and car enthusiasts to access our fleet of Formula Ford race cars. RaceCarShare members can purchase car time and packages at significant discounts, for use of our vehicles at any of our locations – and the more credit you purchase, the bigger discount you get.

Own partial driving rights to one – or a range of – bespoke single-seater, open-wheel Formula Ford race cars, without ever having to worry about preparation, maintenance, tyres, storage, logistics, insurance or track hire. As a RaceCarShare member, you focus simply on enjoying the race car experience and leave everything else to us.

Forget those luxury, exotic or supercar packages! Why drive a supercar on a road limited at 110KPH, when you can take a real racing car onto a real racing track, with no speed limit — and a Formula Ford race car is faster around most of our circuits than most supercars that spring to mind! Our cars are purpose built for the track – and the exhilaration is felt right from the pit lane!

Each track day includes special tuition and driver coaching by skilled FFEA crew, industry experienced driver trainers and national level Formula Ford race car mechanics. With the whole team at your disposal you will feel like you have just pulled into a Formula One garage. Take the package to the next level – with special benefits available only to RaceCarShare members!

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1 – Choose Your Membership Level
First, choose your membership level. RaceCarShare is available in two packages designed to suit both casual and frequent drivers. Each consecutive membership level offers a greater discount in driving credit.

STEP 2 – Get Signed Up
The sign-up process takes only a few minutes. Use the BUY ONLINE section of our web site to submit your contact details payment information (we suggest Direct Deposit for a fast, easy and safe transaction). Once the funds are received we will contact you directly, providing all package information. We can also provide you with a tax invoice, which you can claim against. Enjoy the best tax rebate ever!

STEP 3 – Start Driving
You’ll have access to our fleet of vehicles right away. And each time you get behind the wheel, the entire process will be super streamlined. Our staff gets to know our RaceCarShare members very well — we’ll learn your style, tastes, vehicle preferences, and how to make your experience more enjoyable.

MEMBERSHIP LEVELS – Introductory Pricing


Designed for recreational drivers and car enthusiasts who desire the benefits of discounted vehicle access and our specialised RaceCarShare service. The cost to join as a Carbon member is $5,500 and the membership offers $6,500 in package credit.


Our highest level offering for the motorsport aficionado or those dreaming of being a race car driver. You receive the most additional credit and maximum discount available to any customer. The cost to join as a Diamond member is $11,000 and the membership includes $15,000 in package credit.

Payment Process:
Membership Fee, due upfront or negotiated deposit, reserves your club membership and co-ownership of vehicle drive. Fee balance due prior to first usage. Quarterly or monthly payment schedules available (interest rate applies).


The following are just some of the benefits RaceCarShare members receive:

  • Elite Service – In addition to our normal member benefits, including personalised vehicle instruction, specialist driver coaching, and vehicle priority scheduling, all RaceCarShare members are known on a first-name basis by every member of the FFEA staff. We’ll learn your style, anticipate your needs, and make the process of getting and driving our vehicles as simple and enjoyable as possible.
  • Your own race engineer and mechanic – dissect your drive, lap by lap, corner by corner with help from your experienced race engineer. Have your car set up specifically for your honed driving style by your mechanic. You will feel like you are F1 royalty, as your drive comes together with the support of your skilled and professional team.
  • BONUS discounts – Members enjoy special discounts for family and friends who would like to join in the fun of day, and experience a drive in a Formula Ford car. Carbon members receive 10% off all additional packages. Diamond members receive 25% off all additional packages.
  • Speed – Bookings, check-in and check-out are streamlined to be quick and efficient. We know your time is valuable, and we will ensure the fastest possible turnaround.
  • Membership Card – All our RaceCarShare members receive a photo ID club card which identifies them as a member, and allows them to make use of the various discounts available. Unlike other club cards, this is something to be proudly displayed – stating that you co-own time in a real race car and proving that you have driven on some of our national race circuits.
  • Entitlements and Member Priority – All RaceCarShare members receive the highest priority when new events are released and new tracks become available. Drivers who prove themselves to be track ready, safe and reliable with our vehicles, will then be eligible to be part of special national events driving at some of the most prestigious and challenging tracks in Australia!
  • Flexible plans and tailored options – Need an extra few hours with your race car? Wish to try 2 different vehicles within a session? Want to book out an entire session for your party? Not a problem for RaceCarShare members.
  • Club Member Only Days – Enjoy the privilege of private track day hire for a group of like-minded race car fans. Once a year a special day will be arranged for RaceCarShare members. Flights, accommodation and meals will be included in the package day price! Enjoy the driving experience in the best way possible – relaxed, professional, exhilarating and full of lasting memories!
  • Pay only for what you use – Other club programs offer a flat rate regardless of vehicle and time used. This is great – if you are regularly out on track every month. However, most of our members are busy and work hard to enjoy their times in the car, so structure their play carefully. As a RaceCarShare member, if you only want to drive 5 times a year, only pay for the package that is right for you.
  • National Access – RaceCarShare is the first race car club program in the country with full unrestricted access for members in at least 4 cities across Australia – your credit is good wherever you are. Provided we are running – you can attend! Heading interstate to Melbourne for a business trip? Why not catch up with a drive at the challenging Broadford circuit! Visiting family in Adelaide? Visit us at Mallala Motorsport Park for a run around the fast classic track. Taking a holiday on the Gold Coast? A few hours north of Brisbane, the historic Lakeside Park raceway beckons! Or just staying home for a few weeks R&R in Sydney? Head down to Wakefield Park for an awesome track experience.
  • Availability – Never be without a car – if a car suffers a mechanical issue (and though it pains us to say, it does happen to race cars from time to time), we will replace your vehicle with another one from our fleet in the blink of an eye. Compare that to months of potential downtime if you were to own the vehicle outright.
  • Additional Race Car Vehicle Options – As a leader in the driving experience industry, we are always looking at additional experiences we can offer to our customers. We are currently in development stages of 3 new unique driving experiences which we know our customers will enjoy! As a RaceCarShare member, your credits are transferable across the board to any similar packages we are affiliated with. More news on this soon!
  • Want to go racing? – At various locations and dates throughout the year, we can arrange for drivers to be tested and CAMS licenced to allow racing at club, state or national levels. We can also help facilitate access to a vehicle for a race meeting or an entire season, if needed.
  • Your credit doesn’t automatically expire – Once you join as a RaceCarShare member, your credit can be used until the end of time – so long as you use it at least once a year. Unlike other club programs where unused credit become invalid after 12 months as a “gotcha”, your RaceCarShare credit stays active as long as you do.
  • Completion Certificate – Presented to you, following every one of your drive days, is a personalised certificate listing the lap package, track details and including a photo of you on location.
  • On-board Video Discounts – Every driver wants to enjoy their laps over and over again, and you can by watching your on-board video footage. RaceCarShare members receive a further 10% off any video purchase – available in DVD, USB or Blu-Ray format. Members also receive a free upload to our web site, and free video storage for 12 months.
  • Bonus Gift Pack Items – Everyone will know you are a member of an elite club when you head out in your RaceCarShare T-shirt. Designed per track, there are currently 4 available, and you receive one of each as you complete drives at each of our locations. Driver and on-track digital photos are also included for all track days as part of your packages.


  • Access to a real race car! Always delivered to you fully race prepped, with a full tank of fuel these cars are exhilarating to drive, to say the least. Gear ratios set per track, brake balance adjusted, Formula Ford control tyres fitted, and warmed up ready for you to jump in and drive!
  • Membership packages can total up to 12 hours of driving, or 1350Km, in your time-ownership race car. We note that the average Formula Ford race runs for around 15mins, and in a season, that equates to around 5hrs of on track race time. So you can put in more hours than your past or current Formula Ford heroes!
  • Personalised vehicle instruction covering all cockpit controls, vehicle safety aspects and strapping in.
  • Specialist driver tuition from industry experienced coaches and race car drivers.
  • Vehicle priority scheduling so that you can get the car you want to drive, on the day you want to drive it – as per our current or extended event schedule.
  • Liability, Comprehensive Insurance and Bond discount
  • Cost of all regular maintenance, including all scheduling and logistics
  • Storage of the vehicle when not in use
  • Management of the program & scheduling of shareholders’ usages

Contact us for further information and a promotion pack!

sales@ffea.com.au     |     1300 900 619